Plastic Surgery

dr guerrero plastic surgery mexicoPlastic surgery in Mexico has never been more affordable or easier to obtain.  Puerto Vallarta is an ideal spot for plastic surgery.  The proximity to the USA while allowing the patient to recover on the beach allows Puerto Vallarta to be one of the best destinations for a medical vacation.  Most people don’t want people to know when they go for plastic surgery, and Puerto Vallarta allows for you to tell your friends and family that you are going on a 2-week vacation, and when you get home you can already have your plastic surgery finished.

Only the best doctors work with us here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  Dr. Alejandro Guerrero is board certified and has studied extensively in the plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery field.

Dr. Alejandro Guerrero belongs to the Mexican Association of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and has met certain requirements that guarantee his formal education and a high standard of ethics.

For more than 17 years Dr. Alejandro Guerrero has been practicing medicine and plastic surgery in Mexico.  Our goal is to provide patients and clients with top rated plastic surgery on par with what they would receive in the USA at a fraction of the cost all while Redefining Yourself Here in Paradise, Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

plastic surgery in Mexico

Dr. Alejandro Guerrero – Plastic Surgeon, Puerto Vallarta – CMQ Premiere Hospital

We also offer a special Twilight Sedation Nose Job out of Guadalajara Mexico with Dr. Luis Robles an ENT specialist who has mastered the less invasive technique for rhinoplasty.  This quick procedure will give you a brand new nose within about 4 days of downtime and no use of general anesthesia, making this rhinoplasty safer and better for the patient as well as much less in price than anywhere else in Mexico.  Rhinoplasty using Twilight Sedation in Guadalajara costs only $1500usd. 

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