Herniated Disc Treatment

discogel treatment Puerto VallartaPuerto Vallarta Health Tourism offers two very different approaches to herniated discs, slipped discs, or bulging discs.  To start we have the ability to offer two options, one a treatment for the compressed, herniated or bulging disc, and the other a surgical treatment if the nonsurgical treatment will not work.  Dr. Porto, a neurosurgeon, and Orthopedist offer a state of the art treatment using Discogel from Europe or Stem Cell therapy in combination with Ozone as a nonsurgical option.  We strongly recommend most people at least try to see if they qualify for the nonsurgical treatment as this procedure can help almost 80% of the slipped, herniated or compressed or bulging discs and get rid of the pain and discomfort without the use of surgery. 

Dr. Porto has been practicing medicine in various countries for over 25 years. 
His educational and work experience includes studying medicine at the School of Medicinal Studies at the National University of Rosario in Argentina and has held residency positions in surgical neurology in the emergency and neurosurgery units of the Hospital Clemente Alvarez (Rosario, Argentina). Dr. Porto is also a former professor of neurosurgery at Guadalajara University in Mexico. 

In 2003. Dr. Porto relocated to Puerto Vallarta to establish ozone and Discogel treatments for spinal injuries in Mexico. 

Dr. Porto also holds neurosurgery positions at various hospitals across the city. He remains an active member of the Neurology and Neurosurgery Society of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The cost of the Nonsurgical treatment of slipped, herniated or bulging discs is: $8000us for 1 disc or $14,000us for 2 discs, each additional disc is $5000us after that.
this includes tests, hospital, 3 ozone treatments, all medical fees, and the stem cell therapy or Discogel therapy.

You may email us if you have more questions at info@pvhealthtourism.com

  The second option available to our patients is the surgical option.  Dr. Roberto Lara de La Fuente specializes in spine surgery and this is a viable option if the stem cell therapy or Discogel will not work for you. 

The cost of the lower back surgery or herniated disc surgery is about $9,500us.

You may email us if you have more questions at info@pvhealthtourism.com