Plastic Surgery Went Great!

plastic surgery mexico

I had a tummy tuck with Dr. Guerrero in Puerto Vallarta in May and i can’t stop getting compliments from people who have seen the new me!  I love the work that was done, thank you PV Healthtourism Jen R.

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VSG surgery done by Dr. Hidalgo Nov 22nd

“I had the VSG surgery done by Dr. Hidalgo Nov 22nd. The entire weight loss team and Dr. Hidalgo were fantastic at giving me crazy amounts of information and were very quick at answering any questions. 3 Months after the surgery my blood pressure was normal, and I was off of the high blood pressure…

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I’m so glad I had my surgery with Dr. Hidalgo

“I’m so glad I had my surgery with Dr. Hidalgo. I was very nervous at first. I asked questions of the people in this support group, they were all answered very well. All of my fears were unfounded. Everything went very smooth, I’m 4 days postoperative and I feel really good. I did feel hungry…

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Thank You PV Health

You guys really helped me with my herniated back, I had discogel treatment with Dr. Porto in 2016 and i am almost completely pain free, I feel so much better and get around so easily!  My pain has gone down by about 70% giving me my life back.  Thank you!  – John S.

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