Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery in Mexico is very popular at the moment and Puerto Vallarta offers one of the best doctors in all of Mexico for Bariatric Surgery!  Dr. Juan Fransisco Hidalgo is based out of Puerto Vallarta and the CMQ Premiere Hospital. 

Weight loss surgery in Mexico Weight Loss Team provides Gastric Sleeve surgery in MexicoGastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico, Bariatric Revision Surgery in Mexico, and Lapband surgery here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  Dr. Hidalgo operates out of the CMQ Premiere Hospital in Puerto Vallarta.  He is the leading bariatric surgeon in the city and performs more surgeries per month than any other bariatric surgeon in Puerto Vallarta.  Gastric Sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico costs only $4200us., Gastric Bypass surgery costs only $6200us., and bariatric revision surgery in Mexico starts out at $5000us.  When considering weight loss surgery in Mexico there is no better option.