I’m so glad I had my surgery with Dr. Hidalgo

“I’m so glad I had my surgery with Dr. Hidalgo. I was very nervous at first. I asked questions of the people in this support group, they were all answered very well. All of my fears were unfounded. Everything went very smooth, I’m 4 days postoperative and I feel really good. I did feel hungry the first day but that soon subsided. It’s been at least five days since I had any solid food and I do not feel hungry. If you’re considering having surgery with Dr. Hidalgo, and you have questions, please feel free to contact me and I will answer any questions you might have. Dr. Hidalgo is a very kind doctor. He is also very attentive as well as qualified. I am eager to make a YouTube video and post some of the suggestions that I have. While we were in Mexico I met someone who was having surgery just like myself. We chose to walk around Puerto Vallarta and one of the things we did was order a mango margarita with no alcohol. This turned out to be a very useful idea. It gave a bit of variety to my “diet” while I was there. It had no added sugar. Yummy!”  – Kari M.