Dr. Hidalgo

dr hidalgo weight loss surgery mexico

Bariatric Surgery in Mexico – Puerto Vallarta Jalisco. Many patients are thinking about having bariatric surgery in Mexico.  That said if you are considering having a Gastric Sleeve surgery in Mexico or a Gastric Bypass surgery in Mexico, or any of the many other type of weight loss surgeries or revision in Mexico, by choosing…

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Dr. Guerrero

dr guerrero plastic surgery mexico

Plastic Surgery Mexico. Dr. Alejandro Guerrero is one of the leading plastic surgeons in all of Mexico and he is based here in Puerto Vallarta.  Dr. Guerrero is leading the way helping patients redefine themselves in paradise with plastic surgery medical vacations here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The big difference between having plastic surgery in Mexico…

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Dr. Armenta

dental care in Mexico - Dr. Armenta

Dr. Benjamin Armenta is one of the leading providers of dental care in Mexico.  Dental offices can be found all over Puerto Vallarta but many offer inferior quality products, and some cut too many corners when it comes to trying to charge the lowest price and provide inexpensive care.  We have found that by offering…

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Dr. Max Greig

Orthopedic care in Mexico

Dr. Max Greig is Puerto Vallarta’s leading Orthopedic surgeons as well as one of the most recognized doctors in all of Mexico. MEDICAL LICENCES: C.M.O.y T. 132027 Ced. Esp. 3444102 D.G.P. 2173880 D.P.E. 9822 (12-1 MEXICAN TAX NUMBER: GEMA-611219-5XI LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, and German AFFILIATIONS: • International Affiliate Member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic…

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Dr. Romo

Dr. Romo Puerto Vallarta all natural homeopathic and holistic treatments

Puerto Vallarta Health Tourism has tried to find the very best doctors for our health network and some of these doctors provide services that do not fit into a specific category.  Take for example Dr. Romo and his all natural homeopathic and holistic medicine treatments here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.   He offers all natural treatments…

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Dr. Porto

discogel treatment Puerto Vallarta

Dr. Porto specializes in the non surgical treatment for herniated discs, bulging or compressed discs with Discogel, a nonsurgical treatment to relieve up to 80% of the pain caused by these problematic discs. DISCOGEL® is a non steroid jellified ethanol, congealed alcohol mixed with a contrast agent which is used to treat herniated or compressed…

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